Rosallbys – Led butterflies

Hi! Let’s try in English. Erh?

One day I stumbled upon some led fireflies. They were actually really cute! For a while I wondered the idea of them. Until I got this idea! The same principle, but butterflies!

In most cases, the most important thing in pcb is how well it works. Let’s make a beautiful pcb, which also works.

A few hours with KiCad.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.32.36 PM

So simple. Litle ATtiny13, few leds and LDR.

3D view in KiCadFirst Rev.

Butterfly pulses a few times when it is dark enough. About 1-6 pulses every 4-12 minutes.

What do we get?

Rosallbys PCBs

Couple of weeks and iTead submitted the order. Of course, as white

Rosallbys pcbA closer look. Its called Rosallbys <3

Rosalbyss topFully assembled. Leds are at the top of wings.

Rosallbys bottomThe bottom side. Owl City – Fireflies played many times.

How about the code? Roughly timer 1 handle leds steering, and the watchdog to check brightness every 8 seconds. If the brightness is small enough and time has elapsed then turn on the leds. Otherwise, go to sleep!

They are SO SO cute! Just look at!

IMG_0691 IMG_0690 IMG_0696 Rosallbys in hand IMG_0700

What is their functionally? Ornament! They are just cute. The light  of butterflies is comfortable to fall asleep.

Current measurements told us:

  • When leds are ON: 20-30 mA
  • Idle: 3 mA
  • Sleep: 1 mA

The next version will contain a dc-dc boost converter. LDR voltage divider spends too much current and it could be shut down with a transistor, when its not in use. Maybe synchronized?

You can download files of KiCad project here and schematic in PDF here. If you have any questions, you can contact me. You can also suggest better solutions.

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